Workplans are hard.  The good ones take time and thought.  However, they are important to make sure that your downtown revitalization efforts stay on track and are a great way to tally your progress.  There is usually a strong correlation between the success of any downtown’s revitalization and the community’s ability to create…and follow…a good workplan.  How well … More Workplans

Get noticed

Once you have designed and launched your Web site, your next task is to get it noticed. One of the top ways to do this is to make sure you show up in relevant Web searches. If you are selling your charming and thriving business district, you will want to be sure that your Web … More Get noticed

Report from the Main Street 2.0 conference

While the Virginia Main Street staff was unable to travel to Chicago for the 2009 National Main Streets Conference, Becoming Main Street 2.0, Jessie Chase from Harrisonburg was able to attend and reported back that it was fun, interesting and worthwhile. We returned from the Chicago National Main Street conference on Wednesday evening tired and … More Report from the Main Street 2.0 conference

Historic building rehabilitation tax credits: 101

Did you know that you could receive a credit on your income taxes if you rehabilitate a historic building?    If your rehabilitation meets certain requirements, you could claim 20 percent of your qualified rehabilitation expenses as a credit on your federal income taxes.  And, you could claim 25 percent of your qualified rehabilitation expenses as … More Historic building rehabilitation tax credits: 101

Keep your books in order

Want to be sure your small business never becomes a big business? A surefire method to ensure a lack of success is to have shoddy accounting practices.  Knowing where your money is, how much of it there is, and when you can expect more are key to proper business planning.  Without a plan, your endeavor is … More Keep your books in order