Making lemonade

Norm Brodsky is a writer for Inc. Magazine.  He is the co-writer of: The Knack: How Street Smart Entrepreneurs Learn to Handle Whatever Comes UpHe also has started six businesses.  Lets call him an entrepreneur

In the April issue of Inc, Brodsky writes in his Street Smarts Column about lessons to use when your original plan goes out the window.  Here is a brief summary, but this is a must read:

1. Ask your customers what they need

2. Be flexible

3. Quit complaining

4. Make a new Plan NOW

5. Say “Yes” when others are saying “Maybe”

A little entrepreneurial fun

For a little fun, check out Inc. Magazine’s online slide show on the top 30 fictional entrepreneurs from TV, film and books.  I missed a few of these, but I’d argue that Willie Wonka is in the top three, rather than number six.  He knew his market, had great promotions, excellent staff management skills, pursued quality control at all costs, and had the foresight for a succession plan.

You can compare that list to Inc’s list of the 5 most important entrepreneurs of the past 30 years. Inc asked six small business specialists to name their top five. 

Steve Jobs of Apple wins, with three mentions, Bill Gates of Microsoft gets two, as do Fred Smith of FedEx, Meg Whitman of eBay and the Google guys.  Others of note: Oprah Winfrey, Bono, and the women recipients of microloans from Grameen Bank.

Virginia’s Main Street in the news

The Sunday, April 5 edition of the Richmond Times-Dispatch had several articles of note about Virginia Main Street communities.  First was an article about Abingdon’s latest downtown promotion, then an article about Page County’s (including Luray) attempt to be designated as the “Cabin Capital of Virginia.” Then yet another article, this one talking about the Lynchburg Museum’s new exhibits.

Lynchburg, Altavista and Manassas all were noted for their recent milestone acheivements.

An editorial in the Star Exponent of Culpeper extolls the signs of a strengthening economy as evidenced by the entrepreneurial spirit in Culpeper’s Historic Downtown.  The Martinsville Bulletin ran a story on another entrepreneur who is doing his part to revive a local economy hit hard by factory closings.

Lastly, at least for now, the Franklin News Post has an article on Rocky Mount’s uptown facade inprovement program.