Discussion Guides

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Download these discussion guides for conversation-starting questions that connect the book to what’s happening in your community. Watch for videos to be released on a weekly basis on Tuesday evenings at 6 PM beginning September 4. Use the videos at the beginning of the conversation or send links out with invitations to the meetings.

Hosting Tips (PDF)
Planning and Promotional tools


Chapter Discussion Guide (Example towns -TRAILER, VIDEO, FB Launch
Created Spaces (Beacon, NY, and Martinsville – TRAILER, VIDEO, 9/10 FB Launch)
Natural Space (Moab, UT, and Norton – TRAILER, VIDEO, 9/17 FB Launch)
Waterfronts (Wilmington, DE, and Lynchburg – TRAILER, VIDEO, 9/26 Launch)
History (Phoenixville, PA, and Danville – TRAILERVIDEO, 10/2 Launch)
Arts & Culture (Carrboro, NC, and Berryville -Oct. 9) – TRAILER, VIDEO, 10/9 Launch)
Food (Finger Lakes, NY, and Cape Charles – TRAILER, VIDEO, 10/19 Launch)
Partnerships (Middletown, CT, and Fredericksburg – TRAILER, VIDEO10/22 Launch)
Bridgers  (Gainesville, FL, and Wytheville – TRAILER, VIDEO11/19 Launch)
Building Positive Proximity (Staunton, TRAILER, VIDEO, 11/3 Launch)