Life of a Virginia Main Street Manager

Recently, Main Street America’s #MainSpotlight featured a great article about the Main Street executive director experience from one of Virginia’s own, Todd Wolford of Downtown Wytheville Inc.  It cover’s Todd’s three-year experience achieving confidence and effectiveness in his role.  One of Virginia’s new directors said, “He’s like a Main Street director’s medium”. He practically read … More Life of a Virginia Main Street Manager

Experiences that Bring Customers Back!

We’ve heard from several communities across the commonwealth that improving downtown hospitality is a high priority in making their downtowns a destination! With help from the Virginia Tourism Corporation, DHCD has put together a series of 20 workshops across the state called Delivering Memorable Experiences Downtown, which aims to strengthen business hospitality to provide an … More Experiences that Bring Customers Back!

Mapmaker, mapmaker, make me a map

Maps make sense of the world around us.  They are both descriptive  (think of the elevated ridgelines of topographic maps) and prescriptive (the Google maps navigator telling you how to get from here to there).  And they don’t always match reality.  As this Slate slideshow of strange maps demonstrates, maps may not fit so much into neat categories of right … More Mapmaker, mapmaker, make me a map