The unexpected entrepreneur

If you were asked to describe an entrepreneur, what words would you use?  Maybe terms like “bright, energetic, or magnetic.”  This 2004 article in the aptly named magazine Entrepreneur, gives a whole host of other terms, not all of them complimentary.  Two descriptions of an entrepreneur that most people would not use are “ex-felon,” and … More The unexpected entrepreneur

Bright ideas for business

What is a good business proposition?  That is a tough question to answer.  I am sure that many people thought that two old hippies were crazy when they started an ice cream company in Vermont, where summers last only a few months and the temperature can drop to near freezing in August.  But those that saw promise … More Bright ideas for business

New approaches to business incubation

Business incubators can provide start-up enterprises with professional space for reasonable rents – but they can play a much larger role as well. They can connect new entrepreneurs to the technical assistance and training that will provide them with a running start.  In addition, business incubators can provide a network of entrepreneurially minded cohorts in close proximity to foster the type … More New approaches to business incubation