The Joy of Pla(y)ce

Why would we create places that promote play and engagement through urban design and development? Downtown amenities, such as multipurpose parks and recreational installations, create an engaging place that attracts people every day and most hours of the day. They are an opportunity to connect families, nurture child development, and – what municipalities like to … More The Joy of Pla(y)ce

Webinar – Public Spaces, Community Places

Do you know of a vacant lot that could be a joyful gathering place? A blank wall that could be a canvas? A cracked sidewalk that could be a memorable journey through local history? These scenarios envision potential outcomes that uplift and enliven through placemaking. Placemaking inspires people to collectively reinvent public spaces as the … More Webinar – Public Spaces, Community Places

Small City Placemaking Conference and Festival to happen in Roanoke

Cityworks (X)po, a conference and festival about creating energetic places in small cities, will take place in Roanoke on October 27-30. The event, spearheaded by entrepreneur and placemaker Ed Walker, will highlight best practices in creating, governing and participating in a vibrant cultural life in small cities. Some of the nationally-recognized speakers and performers include James Howard Kunstler, Kennedy … More Small City Placemaking Conference and Festival to happen in Roanoke