New Year’s Resolution Poll

While the typical New Year’s resolution is abandoned somewhere around the long Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend, there is a certain feeling of “anything’s possible” in the air during these first few weeks of January.  Now really can be a good time to set some goals.  Go ahead, think big.  If you don’t stretch yourself to do … More New Year’s Resolution Poll

Designing a Marketplace

Is your economic restructuring committee effective?  Challenges like recruiting businesses and interpreting expensive and technical market studies discourage eager volunteers. There’s no immediate result after hours of meetings and planning.  Pressure to see results from business owners, local government and the community compounds the frustration. It’s easy for this committee, in particular, to go inactive. Main Street organizations all over America … More Designing a Marketplace

Making lemonade

Norm Brodsky is a writer for Inc. Magazine.  He is the co-writer of: The Knack: How Street Smart Entrepreneurs Learn to Handle Whatever Comes Up.  He also has started six businesses.  Lets call him an entrepreneur.  In the April issue of Inc, Brodsky writes in his Street Smarts Column about lessons to use when your original plan goes … More Making lemonade

Keep your books in order

Want to be sure your small business never becomes a big business? A surefire method to ensure a lack of success is to have shoddy accounting practices.  Knowing where your money is, how much of it there is, and when you can expect more are key to proper business planning.  Without a plan, your endeavor is … More Keep your books in order