Guest blogger “Downtown Dan” Howe: Franklin awaits

There’s still time to register for the Virginia Main Street Summer Toolkit (until Monday), and the board and staff of Downtown Franklin, Inc. are eager to welcome you to our district.

We’re going to spend a day and a half (July 22 and 23) focused on “Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Downtown.”   The speakers are top-notch, and this is a vital topic for all of our communities. But enough about that.  We also hope to give you a real sense of our community during that time. Let’s talk Southampton County hospitality. 

On Wednesday evening, get here in time to enjoy the opening reception at Fred’s Restaurant.  Fred’s has been serving quality food since 1945, having rebuilt after our 1999 flood.  Speaking of the flood, while here you can take your picture standing at the high water marker.

Franklin is on the Blackwater River and we make the most of it at Barrett’s Landing.  On Thursday night, we’ll give you the VIP treatment at the We Be Jammin’ concert  in the waterside park.   While here, you’ll  visit the Franklin Business Incubator and you can also spend some time shopping Downtown Franklin on Friday afternoon.  Our merchants will appreciate your business, and you’ll be sure to find some treasures to take home with you.

See you Wednesday evening!