Plan now to attend 2011 Main Street trainings

Now is the time to plan for 2011 downtown revitalization trainings.  The Virginia Main Street training calendar is available.  And on the national front, preparations are being made for the Main Streets Conference, this year to be held in Des Moines, Iowa. Don’t wait. Get these important dates inked in on your 2011 calendar today:

March 31: Milestone Awards, Richmond
May 22-25: National Main Streets Conference, Des Moines, Iowa
July 13-14: VMS Summer Toolkit, Staunton
September 14-15: VMS Essentials, TBD
September 26-27: Preservation Virginia Conference
Fall: Virginia Downtown Development Association (VDDA) Conference

The Main Street Center, in preparation for the conference, this year themed, “Grow your Main Street,”  has put together a list of reasons and strategies that can help you make that valuable experience a reality. Make the case  in your community to attend.  A big team of dedicated leaders (including our own Kyle Meyer) are finalizing the list of session topics for the conference, and between now and May, much more information will be available. You can sign up here for email updates as topics, speakers, and special events are set.

Thanks from the Virginia Main Street staff to everyone who participated in the 2010 trainings. The more communities that particpate in them, the richer and more productive they are.  We on the VMS staff have learned a good deal at each one, and we look forward to seeing you in the new year.