For the New Year, Practice an Attitude of Gratitude

Traditionally, when one year wraps up and a new one begins, we, as individuals, start thinking forward in resolutions.  It’s no different for Main Street nonprofits, as a new work plan provides the blueprint for the change the board of directors envisions for the district.  It is no doubt a great idea to start off inspired and motivated with a laid out path.  However, before moving on, take a moment to reflect on the past year and express gratitude to the nonprofit’s donors, especially important following year-end gifts.

“Thank you”—these two simple words can make or break the relationship between an organization and its donors.  Most nonprofits know how important it is to send acknowledgment letters after receiving gifts. But, to truly engage and retain donors, we need to practice an attitude of gratitude to ensure that our donors feel appreciated and our board members are excited about fundraising—a win-win for any nonprofit!

The experts at #networkforgood have you covered with 10 creative donor thank you ideas.  They say “periodic expressions of your gratitude can do so much to build the relationship between your organization and your donors; especially when they are thoughtful and unexpected. Use these 10 ideas to spark your creativity and generate new ways to say thank you to your donors.”

Check out the 10 ideas>>>

We hope you enjoyed your holidays, and happy new year!