Build a Better Board, Be a Better Board

With spring upon us, the thoughts of many Main Street board members, directors, coordinators and managers turn to board development (right?).

First – plan. Think about “How to Build the Board You Want.”

Second – ask questions.How do we identify and recruit the right members?” Do we have a finance guru? Marketing expertise? Community representation? Building owners? Business owners?

Next – evaluate with “How to Select First Rate Board Members.” And once you have selected them, let them know what is expected of them during their service with a Board Member Agreement.

Now – orient your new board members! Board Source has a great resource for planning the orientation that is right for your organization and board.

And, do not forget National Main Street! They have great resources for planning all aspects of your community revitalization efforts, which is the whole reason you have an organization and a board. Their Board Member’s Handbook covers not just governance, but the Main Street Program and Approach, as well.

Do you want to provide your shiny new board members even more resources? Consider the Center for Nonprofit Excellence’s Board Academy to take it to the next level.

Have you used any of these resources? Are any of them new to you? Tell us what board development resources you find the most beneficial.