COVID-19: Support Local Safely


COVID-19 (Businesses)

Today, we find ourselves facing an ever-developing public health crisis, referring to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, that threatens to impact communities and small businesses throughout the nation. People are practicing social distancing, canceling travel plans, postponing events and essentially staying home, and merchants are feeling the effects. In the midst of uncertainty, it’s important for Main Street organizations and localities to anticipate needs and proactively plan for the emerging challenges spurred by such circumstances to promote confidence, support businesses and keep dollars local. Check out the following examples and other useful resources:

  • The Downtown Ashland Association has developed a fantastic scenario guide that highlights how businesses can tailor messaging to convey preparedness levels that protect customers and employees and encourage patronage.
  • Marion Downtown has created a useful graphic that features ways through which the general public can help support downtown from a distance. Insert your logo and send off via social media and other platforms!

Think Local

Curbside Pickup (Warrenton)

  • Main Street communities across the country, such as the Wausau River District in Wisconsin, have released informational videos to help others learn how to support businesses and the community amid the COVID-19 chaos. Keep up-to-date on other great examples from communities around the nation by utilizing The Point.
  • Main Street America has compiled a Main Street-specific resource section on their website that specifically highlights assistance from the Small Business Administration (SBA). Updates will be made regularly on the site.

“Main Street organizations have an essential role to play in supporting businesses during this difficult period, and our Main Street leaders will be even more important when fears about the virus subside and we are actively supporting businesses and communities in the recovery process.” – Patrice Frey, President and CEO, NMSC

Keep working closely with community partners and other stakeholders to discuss strategy and how best to approach these health-related matters that continue to impact the lifeblood of our communities, small businesses!