COVID-19 Business Task Force: Main Street Represents!

On April 24,  Governor Ralph Northam announced the formation of the Commonwealth’s new COVID-19 Business Task Force, comprised of representatives from varying Virginia industries, geographies and backgrounds. The group of diverse leaders was established to offer advice and guidance as the cabinet seeks to develop safe and responsible strategies for easing restrictions on businesses and individuals across the state.

“These are Virginians who are thinking everyday about how to protect the health of their staff and the communities in which they operate. Their input will continue to be critical as we plan a safe, consistent, successful path forward.” – Governor Ralph Northam

Jenny CrittendenAmong the 23 Virginians selected, it is wonderful to see Jenny Crittenden (pictured left), executive director of Main Street Preservation Trust (MSPT) in Gloucester, a designated Virginia Main Street community. As a former business owner and passionate advocate for downtown revitalization, her viewpoint will add tremendous value to the discussion on how best to ease restrictions while ensuring the safety and confidence of consumers and success of small businesses.

“I am honored to be asked to serve as a voice for small brick-and-mortar retail businesses on the governor’s business task force. Small businesses are the backbone of our communities, and it is important for them to be represented during this process to ensure that what is being developed can be scaled at all levels and that guidelines are concise, understandable and implementable.” – Jenny Crittenden, Executive Director, MSPT