Rebuild! VA Grant Funds Exhausted

As of December 09, 2020, all available Rebuild! VA grant funds have been exhausted, and additional applications will not be accepted or processed. What does this mean for you? The state has compiled resources to address important and frequently asked questions (FAQ). Click here to view the FAQ sheet for more information!

“Rebuild VA has been a critical lifeline for thousands of small businesses and nonprofits that are grappling with the ongoing public health crisis and the resulting economic fallout. Federal support was vital to establishing this program and mitigating the impacts of the pandemic on our economy, but we continue to face tremendous challenges with the virus surging across our country. Congress must come together and quickly pass a bipartisan relief package that includes additional support for struggling families and businesses.” – Governor Northam

Visit the Rebuild! VA website for more details and to sign up to be notified of additional developments. You can also view the Governor’s full press release to learn more about the program’s positive impact on small businesses and nonprofits adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as its hopeful continuation!