Local Entrepreneurs Save Hopewell Coffee Shop

Photo Credit: Maddy Crocker

Larry Hancock (left), owner of Legacy Roasting Company, and Crisman White (right), owner of Room ESC, have joined forces to save downtown Hopewell’s coffee shop and communal gallery space, Guncotton Coffee and Gallery, from permanently closing as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Having businesses only a few steps away, Hancock and White chose to not let the closure of Guncotton create a void in the community, and the new owners plan to carry on the foundation set by the specialty business. A potential vacancy has been prevented, and a vibrant future awaits one of Hopewell’s most beloved establishments.

Photo Credit: Michael Philips

The purpose behind Hancock and Crisman’s venture is to offer locals a safe, creative environment where unique coffee blends, teas and delicious food items are served daily, and the public has access to a sizeable event area, upper-story offices and co-working space. Essentially, the 5,500 sq. ft. building will serve as a collaboration center for Hopewell and surrounding areas that seeks to bring people together and celebrate community. Having rung in the new year, Hancock and Crisman are ready to reopen Guncotton on Jan. 08, 2021, and the public has been encouraged to help support the reopening effort by making a donation, joining the Guncotton journey. Click here to learn more about how you can support Guncotton and earn special perks while helping Hancock and Crisman reach their fundraising goal!

“Ever since I started this position, I’ve been having people tell me how much they want Guncotton to reopen in Downtown. I can’t wait for Downtown to have a communal gathering space again, especially during this time when so many people are working from home and maybe need another option.”

Heather Lyne, Executive Director, Hopewell Downtown Partnership

View the video below to learn more about Hancock and Crisman and their special connection to Guncotton!

Fun fact – the original rehab of Guncotton was supported, in part, by an Industrial Revitalization Fund (IRF) grant from the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development!