Warrenton Encourages Community to LOVE OUT LOUD!

Now more than ever, kindness and love need to be spread throughout communities, and that’s exactly what’s happening in Warrenton, Virginia. The Gerrish family (pictured left), owners of Designs by Teresa (Flowers & Gifts), partnered alongside other local businesses and organizations to construct a wall of flowers with each bouquet symbolizing an opportunity to show love, demonstrate care or offer peace to a familiar person or complete stranger. In a society where walls are built to divide us, the LOVE OUT LOUD installation was designed to encourage love and to be taken down, breaking down unnecessary barriers. Learn more about this collaboration of love below!

The project began with an empty frame and 100 beautiful bouquets that were placed to form the floral wall. Surprising the public, the creative installation appeared at the Warrenton Farmers Market with the following invitation:

This wall is an invitation. To love like you mean it, to break down the barriers that divide us, and to connect with someone in your life – a family member, a friend, even a stranger. Here are 100 starting points. Take a bouquet, give it away, and watch the walls disappear. See what the world looks like when you LOVE OUT LOUD!

One by one, the bouquets came down. Pieces of the wall that had been the barrier turned into acts of kindness and love! Inspired by the installation, Warrenton’s local Main Street organization, Experience Old Town Warrenton (EOTW), encourages everyone to LOVE OUT LOUD throughout the year! How can you spread kindness and love?

Check out the video below to learn more about the LOVE OUT LOUD installation!