Telling the Full Story During Preservation Month

During the month of May, the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP) celebrates the diverse and unique heritage of our nation’s cities and states. Annually, local preservation groups, state historical societies and various organizations across the country celebrate through events that promote historic places and heritage tourism, while also demonstrating the social and economic benefits of historic preservation.

This year, NTHP has chosen to shine a long-overdue spotlight on the places that surround us, particularly those that represent women and people of color to fill the gaps of our cultural heritage. NTHP believes that the American story remains one filled with trailblazers that raised their voices, took stands and found the courage to fight for change, acknowledging that it’s a story that inspires everyone to take pride in their shared heritage and create a more perfect union.

To encourage communities to share places that help tell a little-known or underrepresented piece of the American story, NTHP invites everyone to #TellTheFullyStory. Whether it’s tied to local, national or even one’s own family history, NTHP plans to highlight a selection of places over the coming months, encouraging those posting on social media to use the hashtag and tag @SavingPlaces before May 31 for a chance to be featured. Celebrating historic places has become increasingly personal, and the depth and diversity of our history deserves to be recognized. Click here to view examples of places that reflect the breadth of American history, and consider how what’s in your own backyard plays a part in telling the full story.

Image Credits: National Trust for Historic Preservation