Yarning for Unity in Downtown Lynchburg

Recently, the exterior of Amazement Square, Central Virginia’s first multidisciplinary, hands-on children’s museum, was craft-bombed by the folks at Yarn for Unity (Y4U), a Creative Collective of Craftivists interested in volunteering to create public installations and immersive experiences that promote compassion and unity in local communities. After the first installation was crafted, the public was invited to visit the museum in downtown Lynchburg and add their own piece of art to help celebrate friendship and create messages of love, hope and unity!

Y4U installations are similar to the worldwide phenomenon of yarn-bombing, where cityscapes are decorated with yarn to communicate social messages or produce joy. A Y4U installation, however, is a craft-bombing because it includes elements of craft beyond yarn. To Y4U, “craft” is any form of domestic arts, the works of independent makers and unique creations by individuals made from any preferred medium. Their projects are accessible to all people, ages, means and minds.

Y4U is happy to welcome all those interested in promoting compassion and unity in their local community. Submissions are open to all artists, makers, crafters or compassionate citizens who want to help. If you’re interested in joining Y4U or learning more, click here to visit their website!

Image Credit (Yarn Earth): Yarning for Unity

Image Credit (Installation): Downtown Lynchburg Association