New Zoning Amendment in Powhatan County Caters to Small-Scale Food Production

Recently, the Powhatan Board of Supervisors proactively responded to the needs of county home-based food companies seeking commercial space by adopting an amendment that establishes a precise definition for companies that fall between home-based operations and large industrial ventures. Past zoning rules had not clearly defined small-scale food and beverage production facilities, but the new Artisan Food and Beverage Production use makes specific mention of producers of specialty foods and non-alcoholic drinks for on-site retail and wholesale operations.

“If you’re baking or something like that in your home and you want to grow a little bit more, the next jump would be full industrial-scale zoning at the property, which is not where most of these people are looking to be.”

Bret Schardein, Powhatan Assistant County Administrator

Excitingly, these operations will now be able to create an accessory office or retail space due to the new amendment.

“In recent years, the Economic Development has seen an increase in the number of small-scale production businesses that need a happy medium between start-up phase and the larger-scale producers, which the artisan use addresses in a way that allows those businesses to organically grow.”

Roxanne Salerno, Powhatan Economic Development Program Manager

Without doubt, the new zoning amendment approved by the Powhatan Board of Supervisors represents how conducive and/or favorable zoning requirements can provide enhanced development flexibility and allow for smart growth, while empowering aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses that are the backbone of our local economy.

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Powhatan Board of Supervisors

Image Credit: Richmond BizSense