Chesterfield County Farmers Market Holds First-Ever Youth Vendor Day

Local farmers markets offer an opportunity for people to purchase locally grown food, meet those that grow and sell their products and support local businesses by keeping dollars in one’s own community and/or backyard. Recently, the Chesterfield County Farmers Market added some excitement to their typical event by allowing area youth to showcase their talents and products, ranging from hand-crafted jewelry to dog toys!

The Youth Vendor Day welcomed a handful of kids to showcase their business savvy and celebrate youth entrepreneurship. The event serves as a reminder to all communities about the importance of embracing the creativity of youth and students and providing a supportive environment for their talents to flourish. One day, these budding entrepreneurs could fill a storefront downtown and contribute even greater to one’s local economy!

“It’s a great opportunity and kids should always have opportunities to put themselves out there!”

Nina Arego (self-made earrings, paintings and cards)

“To see everybody, everything that they’ve made and how young people are too, it’s just really cool.”

Ryann Weeks (self-made keychains)

The Chesterfield County Farmers Market is located in the Chesterfield County Government Center Complex, and it’s active on Wednesdays from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (May 12th – September 15th).