CCV Series: November 2021 Recap & Additional Resources

Educational Webinar

In November, the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) welcomed Nicole Martorana, who has extensive experience in creating meaningful opportunities that connect people through cultural exploration and dialogue, to lead a panel discussion of leaders with experience in celebrating local foodways and shared culinary culture. If you missed the live webinar, click here to check out the webinar recording, and learn more about how your community can build food-focused events and promotions tied to local traditions and identity. Whether it’s a food festival, a food tour, a chef dinner, or virtual tasting workshop, there are many ways for people to connect over their favorite dishes and learn something new.

Additional Resources

The Southern Foodways Alliance documents, studies, and explores the diverse food cultures of the changing American South. Based at the University of Mississippi’s Center for the Study of Southern Culture, they share oral histories, produce films and podcasts, publish great writing, sponsor scholarship, mentor students, and stage events that serve as progressive and inclusive catalysts for the greater South. Those interested in learning more should especially check out Gravy, their journal and podcast duo of original narratives that are fresh, unexpected, and thought-provoking.

Learn more about Virginia’s premier food festival, Fire, Flour & Fork!

Inspirational Podcast

As we focus on how just about everyone can connect through a passion for a particular dish or food tradition, Virginia DHCD was excited to welcome Kirsten Moore, owner of Magpie, a breakfast and lunch diner-inspired restaurant and bakery, and The Perch at Magpie, a coworking space for small businesses, freelancers, and remote workers. As an entrepreneur and food writer with a background in design and marketing, Magpie is the culmination of many aspects of Moore’s career and synthesis of her passions. Having started an extensive historic renovation of an old auto service building in September of 2019 to house the businesses, it was a train that couldn’t be stopped once the pandemic hit. As it turned out, it wasn’t the worst possible time to open, but rather the perfect time to open! Listen here!

Community Workbook

Download the Community Workbook to reflect on the future you would like to see for your community, identify session ideas that rise to today’s needs and develop a path forward. You can also learn more about upcoming sessions!

Coming Up

Educational Webinar | Speakers: Matt Wagner and Rebecca Rowe | December 08, 2021 | Register Here

Inspirational Podcast | Speaker: Bill Huston | December 13, 2021 | Listen Here