Rex Anders Named Volunteer of the Year

Excitingly, Rex Anders, Board President of Marion Downtown Revitalization Association (MDRA), received a 2021 VMS Merit Award for Volunteer of the Year, which is given to a Main Street volunteer from a VMS designated community for their overall impact on the local downtown revitalization program.

“After retiring from a career as a Marion police officer, Rex picked up the mantle as board chair of the Marion Downtown Revitalization Association. His dad owned and operated a small business for years, and Rex grew up in the store. He gets it. He knows the struggles of small business owners and uses his years of experience to help not only lead the MDRA, but to organize monthly cruise-ins, car shows and more to expand opportunities in our downtown.” – Ken Heath, Executive Director, Marion Downtown Revitalization Association

Click here to view the recorded 2021 VMS Merit Award presentation!