CCV Series: December 2021 Recap & Additional Resources

Educational Webinar

In December, the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) welcomed Matt Wagner, Chief Program Officer for Main Street America, and Rebecca Rowe, Associate Director for DHCD’s Community Revitalization Office, to review the major lessons of the Creating Community Vitality (CCV) Series and discuss how to get your community involved as we look ahead to a post-pandemic new normal.

Together, both speakers have more than 40 years of experience in downtown development, community revitalization, entrepreneurship and other related fields, while having worked alongside a myriad of state and local governments and nonprofits. If you missed the live webinar, click here to check out the webinar recording, and learn more about emerging opportunities and how uniquely positioning your community will benefit all involved.

Additional Resources

If you’d like to review any of the topics addressed over the past year, each CCV Series webinar and corresponding podcast can be found here!

Matt Wagner referenced an opinion piece by Dwayne Yancey for Cardinal News, “The numbers we ought to be paying attention to,” and it’s worth the read. During the webinar, he also highlighted the The 2021 State of Remote Work that features top insights and data from one of the largest remote work reports. Check it out!

Inspirational Podcast

As we focus on community involvement, DHCD was excited to welcome Bill Huston, who provides community capital consulting and coaching that focuses on social entrepreneurs, community-level real estate development and nonprofits that are creating businesses to solve social issues. Through his work, he focuses on building engaged and excited crowds that allow nonprofits and social enterprises to successfully participate in the community capital and Locavesting economy. Listen here as Bill provides tips and strategies for effectively attracting dedicated customers and investors!

Community Workbook

Download the Community Workbook to reflect on the future you would like to see for your community, identify session ideas that rise to today’s needs and develop a path forward.

We hope everyone enjoyed the 2021 CCV Series! The 2022 CRO Calendar of Events will be available soon!