A Three-Step Process for Community Storytelling

Recently, Phil Eich, founder of Storyville Social, published a piece of great advice for those looking to create human-centered and story-based marketing content for their community to cultivate pride, support small businesses and attract and retain talent and investment. Essentially, Eich believes that worthwhile community storytelling happens when communities let people speak for themselves, minimizing or totally eliminating the addition of third party writing.

“If we want to create ownership, let people own their stories. If we want to create togetherness, let them tell their stories to the community they belong to. If we want to create more and more meaningful human-to-human interactions, get out of the way and let them speak to each other.” – Phil Eich, Founder, Storyville Social

While reflecting on Eich’s advice on why it’s important to use only the interviewee’s quotes, how does one best communicate beautiful stories? Eich follows a three-step process:

  1. Interview
  2. Edit
  3. Publish

Although simple, Eich breaks down these steps and offers valuable tips on how to move through each one, effectively and efficiently. While not discounting the actual art of storytelling, he presents a process that’s manageable and one that can be easily adapted to help your community. Learn more about his refreshing approach below:

Photos: Storyville Social