Creating Our Culture: New Mural Raises Awareness for Lynchburg Artists of Color

Recently, an interactive mural was completed, adding color and vibrancy to a prominent, high-traffic area in Downtown Lynchburg. Apart from making downtown a more inviting and welcoming place, the new Creating Our Culture mural seeks to promote, elevate and raise awareness for Lynchburg’s artists of color.

On the mural, a QR code is displayed, directing viewers to a webpage that features eight local artists of color, their work and their stories. The mural aims to provide BIPOC artists in Lynchburg the opportunity to express their voices through mass media to connect them to potential partnerships and opportunities.

“The purpose is to give exposure to and raise awareness for all of the incredible artists of color that we have in the community.” – Ashley Kershner, Executive Director, Downtown Lynchburg Association

In partnership with the Downtown Lynchburg Association, an Advancing Virginia Main Street (AVMS) program, local marketing firm Blackwater Branding, oversaw the project concept and creative direction of the artwork. Apart from Jawansa Hall, owner and creative director of Blackwater Branding, two local mural artists, Christina Davis and Twon Smith, helped to complete the work of art.

“Being in a space like this where creatives can come and they can just look at a mural like this and see themselves or know that other artists of color were behind it and be inspired by that, that was something that was real important to me during the creation of this. This website will feature their work to let them know there’s a plethora of great talent out here and it just gives them a chance to be heard and seen.” – Jawansa Hall, Owner and Creative Director, Blackwater Branding

Click here to learn more about this placemaking project and the intent behind Creating Our Culture!

Photo Credit: Downtown Lynchburg Association