New Tech Sheet Available to Help Localities Build a Customized Wayfinding Sign System

On behalf of the Virginia Main Street (VMS) program, Frazier Associates has created a new tech sheet for localities across the state to utilize when considering the development of a wayfinding sign system, particularly one that’s customized. A wayfinding sign system is made of eye-catching, easily identified signs that are comprehensive and unified and direct visitors to key community destinations and attraction. A customized system reflects a community’s unique identity and reinforces a sense of place. For downtowns, it gets visitors to destinations, safely parked, and on their way to a satisfying experience. A wayfinding system in general is designed to take visitors “from website to on site” by coordinating visual branding colors and/or graphics online with signs on the ground. This new tech sheet covers exactly that, as well as more about:

  • What is Wayfinding?
  • Why Custom Wayfinding?
  • Wayfinding Goals
  • Custom Wayfinding Sign Components
  • Design Considerations
  • The Design and Implementation Process

Click here to check out the Wayfinding Sign System Tech Sheet and learn more!