Resources You Can Use – Virginia Housing and Community Outreach

Community Outreach is the outward facing arm of Virginia Housing (VH), helping to build and maintain relationships with housing-related organizations across Virginia. VH manages a variety of programs designed to increase the capacity and sustainability of Virginia’s Affordable Housing Delivery Network. VH and their Reach Team are trusted partners with an interest not only in affordable housing development but also community and economic development. Check out a few of the VH resources that go beyond housing –

Capacity Building Grants | The Capacity Building program supports the development and strengthening for nonprofit operations, processes and resources. Funding is provided to develop strategic plans, succession management plans, training and educational tools.


Community Impact Grants | The Community Impact Grant can help cover the costs of market research, design and engineering studies, community outreach, neighborhood community design, mixed-use/mixed-income development planning and other initiatives to provide housing and spur economic growth.


Sponsoring Partnerships And Revitalizing Communities (SPARC) | The SPARC program helps localities working toward revitalization, increasing homeownership opportunities, and serving rural communities by providing funds for affordable Virginia Housing mortgages. Help residents in your community obtain a lower interest rate mortgage by applying for SPARC funds!

Predevelopment Loans/Grants | This loan/grant provides below-market financing for typical predevelopment expenses to facilitate development of high-quality affordable rental housing.


Workforce Housing Financing | The Workforce Housing Loans allow for a broader range of incomes, so you can choose the financing that best fits the needs of your community. The program requires that a percentage of units be reserved for residents whose annual income does not exceed certain limits. The rest of the units may be rented out to residents at any income level. See diagram below.

Virginia Housing has the ability to transform communities by 1) building capacity; 2) housing education and counseling grants; 3) planning; and 4) affordable financing. If you’re interesting in learning more, head on over to now!