It’s DHCD Roadshow Time Again!

The Economic Development and Community Vitality (EDCV) Division has lots of programs to help communities achieve their development goals! Not limited to – Virginia Main Street (VMS), Community Business Launch (CBL), GO Virginia, Industrial Revitalization Fund (IRF), Virginia Enterprise Zone (VEZ), Virginia Small Business Resiliency Fund (VSBRF), Virginia Individual Development Accounts (VIDA), and Program Layering.

Take a moment to watch the full 2022 EDCV Roadshow or learn more about each individual program below.

Virginia Main Street (VMS) | Contact Email –

Community Business Launch (CBL) | Contact Email –

GO Virginia (GOVA) | Contact Email –

Industrial Revitalization Fund (IRF) | Contact Email –

Virginia Enterprise Zone (EZ) | Contact Email –

Virginia Individual Development Accounts (VIDA) | Contact Email –

Virginia Small Business Resiliency Fund (VSBRF) | Contact Email –

Program Layering

Click here to grab a copy of the entire presentation and/or look at additional Virginia Main Street (VMS) training resources!