Virginia Main Street FY24 Grant Applications Due Soon!

Each year, the Virginia Main Street (VMS) program offers a number of grant opportunities to help further the revitalization and preservation of historic downtowns and neighborhood commercial districts across the state, with a goal of creating vibrant and thriving local economies. The following grants are available:

Downtown Investment Grant (DIG)

Description: DIG funds allow Main Street organizations to take on unique, one-time projects that measurably, creatively and sustainably advance the organization’s goals and strategies.

Who’s eligible? DIG funds are only available for Advancing Virginia Main Street (AVMS) communities.

Maximum Award: $75,000

Match Requirement: 2:1

Community Vitality Grant (CVG)

Description: CVG funds are designed to assist Main Street communities / organization in achieving their downtown revitalization goals, generate momentum and create a long lasting positive impact on their historic downtown / neighborhood commercial district.

Who’s eligible? CVG funds are only available to Exploring Main Street (EMS) and Mobilizing Main Street (MMS) communities.

Maximum Award: $15,000 for EMS / $30,000 for MMS

Match Requirement: 2:1

Financial Feasibility Grant (FFG)

Description: FFG funds help Main Street communities identify the highest and best use of significant “white elephant” buildings or structures with non-productive upper floor space. Ultimately, these funds help develop any necessary plans or studies that will assist the owner in developing the property or allow the Main Street organization to “shop” the rehabilitation and reuse of said property to private developers and investors.

Who’s eligible: All VMS communities are eligible to apply, with priority given to AVMS communities.

Maximum Award: $50,000

Match Requirement: N/A

Virginia Business District Resurgence Grant (Resurgence)

Description: Resurgence funds seek to advance and accelerate the post-pandemic recovery of Virginia’s business and commercial districts. Specifically, these funds will support historically economically disadvantaged communities and other business districts that were disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and subsequent recession.

Who’s eligible: Local governments, economic development organizations, planning district commissions, non-profit organizations and Chambers of Commerce

Maximum Award: Up to $50,000 for organizational capacity building projects and up to $100,000 for small business support projects.

Match Requirement: 5:1

Grant applications are due on April 28, and you can learn more about the funding opportunities listed above by checking out the VMS FY2024 Grant Manual, which contains important information that pertains to eligibility, funding priorities, match requirements and more.

In January 2023, VMS conducted two how-to-apply webinars, one covering the program’s Downtown Investment Grant (DIG), Community Vitality Grant (CVG) and Financial Feasibility Grant (FFG) and the other for the Virginia Business District Resurgence Grant (Resurgence). Check out the recordings below:

HTA 1 Recording – DIG, CVG, FFG

HTA 2 Recording – Resurgence