Webinar – Public Spaces, Community Places

Do you know of a vacant lot that could be a joyful gathering place? A blank wall that could be a canvas? A cracked sidewalk that could be a memorable journey through local history? These scenarios envision potential outcomes that uplift and enliven through placemaking. Placemaking inspires people to collectively reinvent public spaces as the … More Webinar – Public Spaces, Community Places

Lynchburg Invites You to Explore!

Our guest blogger is Downtown Lynchburg Association Executive Director Ashley Kershner. Lynchburg is beyond excited to host the 2019 Virginia Main Street Downtown Intersections. Downtown Lynchburg is a vibrant, charming locale studded with unique and creative local businesses. We hope that while you’re here to visit, you’ll have the opportunity to experience all that downtown … More Lynchburg Invites You to Explore!