Rev Up Fund Development: Strategic. Sustainable. Successful.

Are your revenue strategies working for your Main Street nonprofit?  How do you enhance those strategies for a prosperous (and profitable) future?

On March  20, 22, and 28 in Berryville, Danville, and Abingdon, the spring edition of the Regional Rev Up promises to load your Main Street program with the tools you need to create sustainable and successful fund development strategies.

Whether you are focusing on facade improvements, training your retailers, or developing a new website, running a successful Main Street program means raising money. But more than just fundraising, organizations need to build and cultivate relationships, show value to current and potential donors, understand their organizational strengths and weaknesses, and properly evaluate their events and activities.

Fund Development is more than raising money; it is the strategic positioning of an organization to sustain and grow its resources through relationship building.  Creating a shared vision, clear mission, creative strategies and effective communications help sustain and ensure the success of the organization.

Join the Virginia Main Street staff to learn components of a Fund Development Plan emphasizing partnership, ownership and results, including:

  • The difference between fund development and fundraising;
  • Board roles and responsibilities in fundraising;
  • How to assess and build your organization’s readiness for fund development; and
  • The importance of diversifying income to withstand losing an event or major donor.

Registration is free. Lunch will cost $15 and is only payable by cash on site at the event.  Registration for each Rev Up session closes one week prior to the event, so register now to reserve your spot!

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Crowdfunding for Main Street

Local CrowdAre you looking for new and exciting ways to raise funds for a civic project, your Main Street organization or entrepreneurs in your community? The Local Crowd is a new crowdfunding platform that has been developed to help communities raise support for local businesses and projects.

The Local Crowd can help you do several things for your community:

  • Support local small business capital needs
  • Raise money for civic projects
  • Provide needed funding sources for local nonprofits and charities
  • Connect the economic development resources in your community with the people that need the capital

The Local Crowd is a crowdfunding technology that can help businesses and organizations in your community gain access to the capital they need. The Local Crowd platform combines the power of internet crowdfunding with a strong educational focus, designed to increase the knowledge and sophistication level of rural entrepreneurs and financial contributors.

The Local Crowd is looking for communities that offer great networks for businesses, entrepreneurs, residents and community leaders that embrace the tenets of buying, shopping and investing locally. To learn more about the power of investing in community, contact the Local Crowd to apply for the opportunity to become a demonstration community here.

A press interview with Rocky Mount’s Katie McElroy

A recent Roanoke Times article gave newly hired executive director Katie McElroy an opportunity to promote the  work of the Community Partnership for Revitalization, the nonprofit organization that coordinates Rocky Mount’s uptown and downtown revitalization efforts.

Rocky Mounts Katie McElroy

Rocky Mount's Katie McElroy: Roanoke Times photo by Stephanie Klein-Davis.

The article, “Future the Focus in Rocky Mount”, spotlighted McElroy, who used the media’s interest in her hiring to get word out about the organization’s strategies for the future.

Main Street managers play a critical role in communicating their organizational message, and thinking through the specific, relevant points in context of a broader public relations strategy is an important preparation step just prior to an interview with a reporter.

Here are two tools to help any Main Street stay on message: Leveraging Public Relations to Promote your Main Street, an October 2008 article from Main Street News, and The Strategic Communications Plan Template, from The Spin Project.

Congratulations to Katie for a successful first Main Street interview.  Don’t forget to share your downtown revitalization media coverage with Virginia Main Street by e-mailing: