Check the local news stands: Virginia Main Street in Southern Living

In the September 2015 issue of Southern Living, you will find a spread highlighting travel destinations across the commonwealth, including a special nod to our beloved Virginia Main Street communities.  Thank you to our partners at Virginia Tourism Corporation.  Web links direct readers to a list of the designated communities and points travelers to the heart … More Check the local news stands: Virginia Main Street in Southern Living

New Year’s Resolution Poll

While the typical New Year’s resolution is abandoned somewhere around the long Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend, there is a certain feeling of “anything’s possible” in the air during these first few weeks of January.  Now really can be a good time to set some goals.  Go ahead, think big.  If you don’t stretch yourself to do … More New Year’s Resolution Poll

Virginia Tourism is way ahead of the pack…again.

One of Virginia Main Street’s most prized relationships is the one we have with Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC).  We often plan our strategies to complement theirs and they often ask us what’s going on downtown that they can use to better market Virginia.  They believe in Virginia’s historic commercial districts as tourist attractions to the … More Virginia Tourism is way ahead of the pack…again.

Designing a Marketplace

Is your economic restructuring committee effective?  Challenges like recruiting businesses and interpreting expensive and technical market studies discourage eager volunteers. There’s no immediate result after hours of meetings and planning.  Pressure to see results from business owners, local government and the community compounds the frustration. It’s easy for this committee, in particular, to go inactive. Main Street organizations all over America … More Designing a Marketplace

Downtown leaders cover Main Street Essentials at Abingdon training

On Sep. 22 and 23, Advance Abingdon hosted 70 downtown revitalization professionals and volunteers from across Virginia for a training and knowledge share of best practices in the organization and promotion of downtown revitalization efforts. National Trust Main Street Center Senior Program Officer Kathy LaPlante, a nationally recognized expert on community based downtown revitalization, presented … More Downtown leaders cover Main Street Essentials at Abingdon training

Virginia Tourism’s wine tweets win award

Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC) has a track record of excellence in tourism marketing. The agency recently celebrated 40 years of the longstanding Virginia is for Lovers campaign. While they’ve maintained that well loved umbrella brand, they’ve also successfully continued and grown a host of niche marketing efforts, speaking to the specific tastes and demands of travelers. A recent Twitter campaign … More Virginia Tourism’s wine tweets win award

Quality v. quantity

Last Thursday, at the Virginia Main Street 25th Anniversary Milestone Achievement Awards, keynote speaker Chuck D’Aprix spoke about the importance of making your downtown attractive to entrepreneurs.  One way to do this is to focus on the quality of the experience rather than the quantity of products you sell. In short, it is difficult to compete … More Quality v. quantity

Tell us what you think.

When a financial crisis arrives, it is too late to try to make the case for all the services your downtown organization provides to the community.   You need to be spending that time engaging your support base and selling the future.  To do that, there has to be a broad based system of support throughout the … More Tell us what you think.

Bright ideas for business

What is a good business proposition?  That is a tough question to answer.  I am sure that many people thought that two old hippies were crazy when they started an ice cream company in Vermont, where summers last only a few months and the temperature can drop to near freezing in August.  But those that saw promise … More Bright ideas for business

Making lemonade

Norm Brodsky is a writer for Inc. Magazine.  He is the co-writer of: The Knack: How Street Smart Entrepreneurs Learn to Handle Whatever Comes Up.  He also has started six businesses.  Lets call him an entrepreneur.  In the April issue of Inc, Brodsky writes in his Street Smarts Column about lessons to use when your original plan goes … More Making lemonade