Old Town Manassas is “There”

The staff of Virginia Main Street are often asked, “What makes downtown so special?”  It is hard to put into words the feeling of comfort, nostalgia and, more than anything, the excitement of a thriving downtown district.

Thankfully, we occasionally get some assistance.  This time, it is from the Piedmont Virginian, a quarterly publication focusing on the heritage and lifestyles of North-Central Virginia.

The Winter 2009 issue features an article on “locavores,” those people who mainly eat foods that are locally grown.  In it the author, Rose Jenkins, explains how local and organic farming may save small, family operated farms.

With the Winter 2009 issue the Piedmont Virginian kicks off a series on “Old Towns,” or as Virginia Main Street calls them, “Historic Commercial Districts.” 

This issue highlights Manassas.

While openly discussing some of Manassas’ challenges with growth, the author quickly comes to discover that there is a core of small town charm in the center of one of Virginia’s fastest growing areas.  In short, “There definitely is a ‘there’ there.”