Blackstone featured as an escape destination in Washington Post

Downtown Blackstone was given the travel treatment by the Washington Post in Friday’s edition.  In her article featuring the Robert Thomas Carriage Museum, writer Becky Krystal toured the town and several other important assets, such as Schwartz Tavern and the Virginia United Methodist Assembly Center.

The Robert Thomas Carriage Museum has more than two dozen horse-drawn vehicles, including a Victoria, which the wealthy used for rides in the park. (Becky Krystal/The Washington Post)

The review: positive, and in important ways as well.  In her overnight visit she got a sense not only of the visitor sites, but of the solid work this Main Street community has been doing and where they’re headed. 

“There’s a fair share of vacant storefronts in this town of about 3,600,” she wrote, “but given its friendly residents and beautiful facades, the future holds promise.”

But don’t take her word for it:  use the National Park Service Historic Itinerary to plan your own visit to historic Blackstone.