Danville effort first historic preservation club in commonwealth high schools

The Danville Historical Society is modeling the way for youth outreach across the state. They have a board member in charge of coordinating youth activities, and they recently led the commonwealth by establishing the state’s first high school historic preservation clubs.

Danville's historic homes, mills, and other commercial buildings serve as a laboratory for high school students.

The effort, simultaneously establishing clubs at George Washington High School and at Galileo Magnet High School, have piqued the interest of more than 40 student-members. Co-sponsored by Preservation Virginia, the clubs are engaging the young people in the activities of the historical society and in skills-building activities such as the researching of historical events and properties and the archiving of documents.

The efforts to establish the clubs were led by student co-founders and teacher and administrator champions in addition to the Danville Historical Society volunteers.

If it can be done in Danville, why not in your community?

In addition to the local historical society, Main Street and downtown revitalization leaders can help connect the next generation of preservationists with resources and new experiences. For more information on Danville’s effort, read the Danville News story or contact the Danville Historical Society