Advance Abingdon gets up close and personal with merchants

Anthony's Desserts proprietor Anthony Perkins, as featured in the I Love Abingdon blog.

When people proudly shop locally, they do so to support their neighbors and fellow community members–those working to earn a living, create a job or two, and invest in the district.

It makes sense then that highlighting people behind the business can strengthen the the link between merchants and their customers.

That is exactly the point of one of the first projects of Advance Abingdon’s newly hired executive director. Susan Howard subtitled her new “I Love Abingdon” blog with the description: Comments and photos from the director of Advance Abingdon as she prowls around town getting to know merchants and others in the community.

“One of my first jobs as the director,”  says Howard, “is to know the stakeholders and understand their goals.  So I knew I needed to get out on the street first thing.”  Her camera went with her.  “Posting the photos and stories of merchants helps others get to know the people who make Abingdon’s historic commercial district special. It promotes the unique goods and services we offer, and I hope it’s an entertaining read.”

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