Buy Local: Build Community. Monitor technical brief now available

Buy Local: Build Community, the Spring 2011 Virginia Main Street Monitor focuses on maximizing your return on a buy local campaign.  Of course as far as campaign results, we think first of dollars spent in a downtown district, but you can also achieve outcomes in terms of community strength, leadership, and connectivity.  And for a community benefit nonprofit organization, these are key.

(Remember, in reviewing 501 (c) 3 status, the Internal Revenue Service screens for specific language that might indicate the organization’s primary mission is econonomic development.  Read this previous post for more information on that.)

So, buy local to:

  • build community commitment
  • strengthen the network of stakeholders
  • develop merchant-leaders

Tips culled from Virginia’s Designated Main Street Communties illustrate how.  Download the issue here.  And pass it along to all of your downtown merchants.