Town and gown topic of VDDA Annual Workshop June 7-8

Lexington, Virginia has served as the home of Washington and Lee University since 1780 and Virginia Military Institute since 1839. This historic downtown is a great location to ponder the nexus between downtown revitalization, community development, and higher education.

On June 7 and 8, Virginia Downtown Development Association (VDDA) will do just that at its Annual Workshop, this year titled, “Melding Town and Gown: Higher Education in Downtown.”

The topic is complex: colleges, universities, and other higher education facilities offer both significant opportunities and unique challenges for Virginia’s downtowns.  A higher education institution’s plans for growth and change may align with a community’s downtown plans, but they may also differ.  An institution’s staff and students are potential consumers of downtown goods and services, but they may have needs and demands unlike those of a community’s other residents.

VDDA’s Annual Workshop involves panel discussions involving representatives of downtowns and higher education institutions from across Virginia.  Register today and hear how these communities and institutions are taking advantage of opportunities and overcoming challenges together.