A Call to Promotion – Tourism on the Rise in VA

“Tourism is an instant revenue generator and job creator for Virginia, which is why I continue to advocate for more resources for tourism marketing.  Smart investments in tourism provide economic benefits to communities across the Commonwealth and good jobs for our citizens.” – Gov. Bob McDonnell

According to a press release issued by the Governor’s office on October 12, the Virginia Tourism Corporation is reporting  large increases in tourism revenue for the Commonwealth from both domestic and international visitors. This is hopeful news about the potential positive economic impacts that could be headed to Main Street Communities across Virginia if they are ready to heed the call to promotion. 

First, check out the most recent economic impact data for your locality by using this handy search function provided by the Virginia Tourism Corporation.  This tool will allow you to break down travelers expenditures and view the revenue generated through tourism in your locality.  Then, contact Wirt Confroy (wconfroy@virginia.org; (804)545-5552), director of partnership marketing outreach at the Virginia Tourism Corporation. Ask how your community may be able to access grant funding, tourism-development gap funding or gain assistance with a tourism plan to increase your promotional efforts to a statewide level.  For more detailed information on all of the resources and assistance at your disposal, check out the “Virginia Tourism Corporation Strategic Marketing Plan FY12.”

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