How to Include your Landlord in a Game Plan for Success during COVID-19

Our contributor is Jenny Crittenden, a seasoned 14-year veteran executive director of the Main Street Preservation Trust in Gloucester, VA, where she manages an accredited Main Street program. She has experience working with property owners and tenants from independents to national retailers. To learn more about the Gloucester Village go to or follow them on Facebook at Gloucester Main Street.

Gloucester’s Main Street Preservation Trust is a 501c4 nonprofit that owns the Main Street Center, a 100,000-square-foot shopping center that sits within the boundaries of the designated Main Street district. The shopping center’s lease fees fund the trust. From this fortunate situation, Crittenden gained much wisdom and first-hand expertise of the tenant and property owner relationship.

She crafted these tips below to foster a spirit of partnership during the public health emergency and reduce its impact as much as possible. Crittenden knows the best landlord-tenant relationships are fair to ALL involved. The ultimate goal of this resource is to continue doing business! Thank you, Jenny.

Find a downloadable version here >>