Main Street America: 2019 State of Main

Main Street Strong

Main Street has a crucial role to play in supporting small businesses, maintaining and improving quality of life for all, and ultimately the vitality of downtown districts – the heart of our communities. Over the past 40 years, communities across the country have demonstrated the power to preserve through good and challenging times, and that has never proven more true than when reviewing Main Street America’s 2019 revitalization statistics and new edition of State of Main.

Reinvestment on the Rise

FURGPHOTO_110426_1042.tifThe success of the Main Street Approach® and programs on the local level has earned Main Street America (MSA) the reputation as one of the most powerful economic revitalization tools in the nation. MSA’s 2019 Reinvestment Statistics have arrived, and communities reported some of their most impressive gains in more than 10 years. In 2019, Main Streets generated $6.45 billion in reinvestment  – the network’s highest annual reinvestment rate since 2006. Surpassing $80 billion reinvested cumulatively, Main Street continues to witness impressive gains.

State of Main

Harrisonburg Downtown 2The 2019 digital edition of State of Main has gone live! With MSA’s “We Are Main Street” campaign as the guiding theme, this year’s edition celebrates the broad diversity of champions that make up the powerful MSA network. Certainly, the document will serve as a source of inspiration in the days ahead and reinforce the belief that Main Streets are for everyone! The publication also offers resources and solutions for leading revitalization efforts and information on MSA programs and services that are provided to advance the movement. Check it out!

Stand Up for Main Street

MSA encourages everyone to share State of Main and your community’s reinvestment statistics with local civic leaders to show them the power of Main Street and remind them that your program will be a key resource in recovery during these challenges times, and MSA created a template that communities can use when writing them!