2020 Volunteer of the Year: Holly Redding

During the 2020 Downtown Intersections Virtual Conference, Holly Redding (pictured left) received a Virginia Main Street (VMS) Merit Award, earning the meaningful “Volunteer of the Year” recognition. Redding was nominated by The Old Town Advancement Commission (OTAC) in Winchester, where she serves as chairperson of OTAC’s board of directors. Redding’s nomination was based on her unwavering dedication to the promotion and advancement of downtown Winchester, as well as her commitment to not only ensure the organization outwardly demonstrate its relevance and value, but also to improve internal operations and performance among fellow board members.

“To us, a volunteer represents far more than a person that undertakes a mere service. It’s a person that promotes pride in what our organization does for the community, and it’s a person that advocates for the success of downtown businesses and welcomes newcomers with warmth and excitement, understanding the bigger picture and embracing a bold vision for the future.Shirley Dodson, Executive Director, OTAC

Over the past year, OTAC has undergone numerous changes, ranging from new leadership to the restructuring of the organization’s main priorities and objectives. The program’s willingness to forge ahead, undertake new projects and increase volunteer hours has largely been the result of Redding’s influence. Leading by example, she quickly set the expectation that OTAC’s board of directors would be a “working” board, taking a more active role in the execution of projects and tasks, rather than merely sitting around a table discussing OTAC-related matters. Recently, a new project management system was implemented to track the completion of OTAC projects, and Redding has been an instrumental figure, encouraging board members to sign up for tasks and holding them accountable for their assigned duties to ensure success.

Apart from her role as chairperson of OTAC, Redding continuously checks on staff members via phone and email, serves as the downtown representative for the community’s regional tourism board, owns her own small business and more! Her kindness, enthusiasm, drive and support have allowed OTAC to flourish, and Winchester’s local Main Street program remains lucky to have such a strong volunteer leading the way!

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