Change for Change: Caring Meters in Lynchburg, VA

In Downtown Lynchburg, there are dozens of nonprofit organizations that require support to successfully complete their mission-driven work. Although conventional fundraising efforts have been hampered by the novel coronavirus pandemic, the public’s generosity remains vital, and that is why a new program seeks to encourage people to spare some change for change!

Lynchburg residents, Peggy Nolley and Libby Fitzgerald, collaborated with local leaders and area businesses to install repurposed, non-functioning parking meters throughout the city that allow passersby to deposit their loose change, supporting local nonprofits in the process. The idea was inspired by a similar program in Canada where meters would collect spare change to support the homeless. No matter how large or small, everyone’s donation can make a difference!

The Greater Community Lynchburg Foundation will collect the donated change on a monthly basis, distributing funds to various agencies to best provide for those who need it most. Currently, six “caring meters” can be found throughout Downtown Lynchburg (locations below) and additional meters will be installed in the coming months!

  • The Virginian Hotel
  • Academy Center of the Arts
  • Lynchburg Community Market
  • Bluffwalk
  • The Water Dog
  • LOVE Sign

Lead Image: