VEDA: Cardinal Comeback Series

Several months ago, the Virginia Economic Developers Association (VEDA) launched the Cardinal Comeback Series to spotlight businesses working incredibly hard to help Virginia’s economy “come back” from the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Stakeholders were asked to nominate businesses, and the responses have been overwhelming!

In 1950, the Commonwealth of Virginia designated the northern cardinal as the official state bird. The cardinal represents hope, health and rejuvenation, and that’s exactly what VEDA seeks to inspire through their Cardinal Comeback Series. Injecting hope and health into the business community and rejuvenating the efforts of business owners across the state to move out of the crisis remains VEDA’s ultimate goal. You’ve likely seen VEDA’s comeback stories on their website and social media, and it’s not too late to nominate businesses doing great things, highlighting them in the months ahead.

Click here to nominate a business today!

Image Credits: VEDA Cardinal Comeback Series