Culpeper Competes – Virtually

Facing a delay in the rollout of its Community Business Launch (CBL) program due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, Culpeper Tourism and Economic Development jump started Culpeper Competes in 2021 as a fully virtual program, making the program accessible online from the initial application to the seven weeks of business training classes!

“We re-launched in 2021 as a totally virtual program with classes being conducted via Zoom. This allows us to keep up momentum regardless of whatever restrictions might be in place, and it makes it possible to include as many entrepreneurs that want to participate. The coordinated, comprehensive program will identify, trigger and support community-based entrepreneurs and small business at all levels of development.”

– Paige Read, Director of Economic Development, Town of Culpeper

The Culpeper Competes designated area focuses on the heart of the historic downtown and also overlaps additional incentive zones, including the Business Incentive Zone, Culpeper Opportunity Zone and the Culpeper Tourism Zone.

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