Culpeper Downtown Dollars Program Infuses $16,500 into Local Small Businesses

Recently, Culpeper Renaissance, Inc. (CRI) announced that the designated Virginia Main Street (VMS) organization’s Culpeper Downtown Dollars program will infuse $16,500 into local small businesses. Similar to many Main Street programs across Virginia, CRI has worked hard to encourage the public to “put their money where their heart is” and support the lifeblood of the local economy during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

“The first quarter quarter is the toughest time of year for our small businesses. This incentive program is intended to encourage our community to continue the amazing support they have shown our downtown businesses.”

– Jessica Jenkins, Executive Director, Culpeper Renaissance, Inc.

Spearheaded by CRI, Culpeper Downtown Dollars serves as an economic recovery program made possible through CRI’s fundraising efforts ($5,000) and a generous donation ($500) made from a long-time Culpeper resident. The Main Street organization’s support, coupled with the generosity of a downtown champion, will infuse $16,500 into 26 participating local shops and restaurants. For every $100 worth of Culpeper Downtown Dollars purchased, CRI will add $50 worth of Culpeper Downtown Dollars. Essentially, the public can spend $100 and get $150 in Culpeper Downtown Dollars!

CRI’s efforts to provide an economic stimulus to downtown represents another example of VMS communities striving to distribute cash flow to small businesses, especially those experiencing a reduction in revenue. CRI recognizes the importance of rallying behind local merchants, and the Main Street organization has successfully coordinated support and resources to do exactly that!

“We are so excited to partner with our small businesses to provide additional cash flow in the downtown district!

– Tish Smyth, Board President, Culpeper Renaissance, Inc.

For more information, contact CRI by calling 540-825-4416 or email