Farmville Launches New Civil Rights Walking Tour

Supported by a grant from the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities (VHF), the new Farmville Civil Rights Walking Tour represents a collaboration between the Robert Russa Moton Museum, Farmville Downtown Partnership (FDP) and Longwood University to guide residents and visitors along a two-mile route that highlights significant sites and cultural attractions, pertaining to the locality’s rich and vibrant history. Currently, the tour has 17 stops that allow people to, literally, walk in the footsteps of history-makers and learn how the Town of Farmville has drastically changed since the 1960’s. Learn more about the tour below:

Those standing on Main Street, facing south toward the Moton Museum, may not realize that they’re standing where over 450 students staged a walkout at the Robert R. Moton High School, protesting the inadequate and overcrowded facilities African-Americans faced. The struggle for educational equality in Prince Edward County remains widely visible throughout the Farmville Civil Rights Walking Tour, and participants can walk in the footsteps of these students that sparked a 13-year legal fight that expanded equality of all Americans, while also gaining more knowledge about prominent African-American leaders, historic buildings, monuments and the larger civil rights movements in Farmville, Virginia.

Click here to learn more about the Farmville Civil Rights Tour and each individual site featured on the two-mile route. Participants will frequently see the tour’s stenciled logo on sidewalks, signifying each respective stop.

Image Credit(s): Moton Museum