CCV Series: April 2021 Recap & Additional Resources

Educational Webinar

During the month of April, the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) welcomed John Sarvay (pictured left), founder of Floricane, to discuss the difference between connectivity and being connected, as well as how to explore ways in which community organizations can best leverage relationships and technology to grow and strengthen community networks. Sarvay helped participants understand how to identify ways to expand their relationships circles and determine where to invest networking energies in service to their organization’s mission and vision.

Additional Resources

Whether it’s a strategic plan, a more effective team or a more aligned leader, Floricane seeks to ensure individuals and organizations clarify their outcomes to create a future that’s better than the past, while acting as a catalyst for change that is aligned with an organization’s sense of purpose and possibility.

Click here to learn more about the Richmond-based strategy, engagement and culture consultancy’s range of services!

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” – John Sarvay, Founder, Floricane

Inspirational Podcast

As we focused on helping communities strengthen relationships and focus on the future, DHCD was excited to welcome Sarah Milston (pictured left), Founder and CEO of The Spark Mill, a consulting firm that believes change shouldn’t be boring. Working with communities and organizations, Milston helps future-focused groups frame the right questions through authentic community engagement. She believes the secret to success relies heavily on deep listening, a practice that’s worth the effort and expense to achieve greater participation. Click here to check out the fourth podcast of the CCV Series!

Additional Resources:

Click here to learn more about The Sparkler, the official blog of The Spark Mill that features a lot of great insights, thoughts and tips to help organization’s achieve greater impact!

Identity Workbook:

Download the Identity Workbook to reflect on the future you would like to see for your community, identify session ideas that rise to today’s needs and develop a path forward. You can also learn more about upcoming sessions!

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