DHCD Releases 2020 Virginia Main Street Annual Report

In 2020, Virginia’s historic commercial districts and downtowns worked tirelessly to build vibrancy and economic opportunity as they experienced unprecedented challenges, pivoting quickly at the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic to help small businesses and other key stakeholders secure the resources necessary to survive.

Apart from their inspiring local efforts, the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development’s (DHCD) Virginia Main Street (VMS) program understood its crucial role to uplift communities in the face of adversity and provide immediate relief assistance and opportunities to help Virginia’s historic downtowns maintain quality of life and continue serving as social, commercial and cultural centers as we move forward, together, through the recovery process.

DHCD has released an annual report that further explains the program’s structure, highlights reinvestment statistics, showcases newly designated communities, spotlights completed grant projects and more. Check out the report below!