Danville’s White Mill Building to be Redeveloped

A few weeks ago, the Mayor of Danville, Alonzo Jones (pictured left), announced that Danville’s Industrial Development Authority (IDA) and The Alexander Company would join forces to redevelop Danville’s historic White Mill building. The long-awaited project will transform the iconic property into a multi-use residential and commercial space that will activate and bring new life to a building that many area residents, past and present, view as a symbol of home and Danville’s rich history.

“This is a transformational project for our city, and it is only fitting that we make this announcement nearly 100 years after construction was completed on this building, which served as Dan River Mill No. 8, but we know better simply as the White Mill. With this partnership in place, we celebrate new life for this historic building that will serve us for the next 100 years.” – Alonzo Jones, Mayor of Danville

Set to be completed in the summer of 2023, the project’s first phase will add 110,000 square feet of commercial space and 150 apartments, which will result in $62.5 million in new investment. Future phases will add another 100 apartments, restore the covered bridge that spans the river from the north side of the White Mill building to the former Long Mill site, turning it into a pedestrian bridge, create a whitewater feature along the canal and extend the Riverwalk Trail.

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“The development of the White Mill is an exciting day for many of us due to many of our family members and friends working in that magnificent structure. The Home of Dan River Fabrics sign on the building, visible as you entered the city from the east, was especially nice if you had been away for a while, letting you know you were home. The facility will literally be home to many people as they will have a residence there.  Who knows, perhaps the HOME sign will again adorn that building as the White Mill comes back to life as a useful facility.”

Neal Morris, Chairman, Danville Industrial Development Authority

In 2018, Danville’s local Main Street organization, River District Association (RDA), secured needed funding through Virginia Main Street’s (VMS) Financial Feasibility Grant to conduct a feasibility study for the White Mill building. Partnering alongside the City of Danville, Architectural Partners aided the locality’s efforts to determine the highest and best use of the building, but community leaders knew that, apart from a traditional study, more would be needed to interest developers in the 650,000 square foot project. Going above and beyond the standard reports and renderings, the locality and RDA, alongside Architectural Partners, created a 3-D video and blockbuster marketing package. Based on this effort, RDA and the City of Danville earned a 2019 VMS Merit Award for Best Innovation, recognizing their collaborative and innovative approach to repurposing a vacant building in downtown Danville. Check out the video below to learn more!

Image Credit (Alonzo Jones): Virginia Business